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Welcome to our new Film & TV Reviews section of our website. With being creators of special effects, and hosting the vast amount of events that we do, we thought it would be very suiting to review some of the best Films and TV productions on the screen today. Brought to you by Garden Den


We hope you enjoy our reviews.



Haunting of Hill House

This modern reimagining of the Shirley Jackson novel follows siblings who, as children, grew up in what would go on to become the most famous haunted house in the country.. Now adults, they are forced back together in the face of tragedy and must finally confront the ghosts of their past. 


What would you do for love? For a brilliant male bookstore manager who crosses paths with an aspiring female writer, this question is put to the test. A charming yet awkward crush becomes something even more sinister when the writer becomes the manager's obsession. 


Bird Box

When a mysterious force decimates the population, only one thing is certain -- if you see it, you die. The survivors must now avoid coming face to face with an entity that takes the form of their worst fears.



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